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Alive In The Woods 2-LP                                         The Harder They Come 1-LP                                     Dressed To Destroy 1-LP                             

- Section Bootleg LP 1972-1975 (Alive in the woods 2-LP)
- Section Bootleg LP 1972-1975 (The harder they come 1-LP)
- Section Bootleg LP 1972-1975 (Dressed to destroy 1-LP)
- Section Bootleg LP 1979-1980 (Rythm of the fox)
- Section Bootleg CD 1973-1976 (Anaheim 1976 1-CD "Zodiac Label"
- Section Bootleg CD 1977-1981 (Thunderbolts & Lightning 2-CD)
- Section Bootleg CD Demos (Kill & Destroy 1-CD)
- Section Pirate & Counterfiet "Various releases" (Psycho Circus LP Picture disc)
- Section Bootleg LP 1990-2013 (Kiss In Swiss "Part 1 & 2")
- Section Bootleg Picture disc´s (Psycho Circus LIVE)
- Section Bootleg CD Compilations (From clubs to superstardom 2-CD + DVD)

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Welcome to kissbootlegged.

This is a bible on factory pressed bootlegs, counterfeits, pirate pressings in formats of Vinyl, CD, DVD, Cassette and VHS tapes.
Recently the market have been completely overflow with various types of releases like test presses and one copy editions. Therefore, I have taken a decision not to put more energy into these releases. Editions only manufactured in 1-5 copies I choose not to post on the page.
It is of less interest and inability to obtain all information necessary for the page to do justice.
It's a sick market and impossible to get comprehensive.
The page will be changed a bit and many new updates are expected in a near future.
Thanks for your patience - Moderator